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TellMeWhen for… knowing when… stuff happens…

There are many addons that can track buffs, debuffs, stacks of things, cooldowns, reactive abilities, multi-state abilities, temporary weapon enchants, totems, wild mushrooms, ghouls, rune cooldowns, internal cooldowns, other players cooldowns, diminishing returns, spell casts, how many arrows you’ve taken to the knee, etc. TellMeWhen is a simple to use very versatile addon for doing exactly those kinds of things. Read the rest of this entry


WoW Translated to English

So for that past few weeks I’ve been getting recognition for contributing the community blogs at I’m honored to think that my writing is noteworthy in the eyes of someone other than myself. One thing that confuses me though is how little can be understood or even related to by “outsiders” of the WoW community. The teacher in me is motivated, even compelled, to attempt to make the information digestible to all. As a result I have decided to craft a post about WoW from the perspective of various gaming icons. Hopefully I can shed some light on the mystery that is my blog content.

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“One-Half, Pull!” – Tips for fast paced dungeon runs.

Just like the slave-driving Bender once did, many group leaders (often perceived as the tank) will not only crack the whip, but find an even faster way of doing it. You’re stuck. You’re helpless. You’re just trying to help accomplish the goal and you end up feeling like you’re the only one doing any work at all. Does this sound familiar? If so, I believe I have the solution(s) that you may be looking for. Please try to remember, I’m not giving the slave drivers pointers.

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Adventures in Babysitting: Off-healing 5 Mans

For a guy that warns against PuGs so much, I sure participate in a lot of them. I see them as an means to an end. I need badges. I need gear for alts. There are only so many opportunities for these. I also use the Dungeon Finder system to level my alts without questing very much. You may ask “why complain about something that you subject yourself to knowingly?”

Because it’s funny. Like grandpa’s old war stories, but funny instead of depressing.

Hence: Adventures in Babysitting.

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Holy Paladin Lessons: Addons

After receiving a great response to my initial video Holy Paladin Lessons Part 1 I decided to get to work making a video detailing my addons,  as requested. So here it is.

The Captain’s Mess: Episode 1

I was hesitant to write another post dealing with PUGs in WoW so soon after my “Why joining a PUG raid is like going to the ghetto“, until a small chain of events made it an inevitability. The first thing that happened to me was that I remembered my idea to write a column about getting guild leadership advice from the various captains of the Star Trek universe. In researching a suitable episode to pull wisdom from, I realized that “The Trouble with Tribbles” was pretty much one of the only episdoes I was familiar with from the original series. So much of what occurs in the episode reminded me of PUG groups that I could not help myself. Alas, here I embark on yet another journey into the realm of the PUG LYF.

Admittedly, I was never a big fan of the original Star Trek series (ToS).

I know, right?

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Why joining a PUG raid is like going to the ghetto

Dave Chappelle has an excellent stand up video called “Killin’ Them Softly“. In the video he has a bit about being taken to the ghetto without his prior knowledge. I have posted an excerpt below.

After seeing some morons complain in the trade channel about the typical “YOU NINJA’D GEAR DONT STEAL SHIT THEN GO AND LIE ABOUT ME” and advising the player who seemingly had gear “ninja’d” that he should not join PUG raids, I realized how very few people understand how strange an idea it is to expect a PUG raid to be fair and awesome. Sure, there are some groups out there formed of random people that work out well. There are also some 70% guild 30% PUG raids that work out just fine. But to expect fairness is simply ludicrous.

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Holy Paladin Lessons Part 1

So here is my long time promised first installment on how to heal as a Holy Paladin. Hope you enjoy it.

I’ll take requests for tactics on specific fights, gear optimization, addons, or anything else that you might want to know about. Just drop me a line via the “Answer Skill 460” page.


Storming the Citadel Compilation

The following video represents not only a triumph against the forces of the Lich King, but also a personal triumph against the gremlins in my video software.

You can leave comments. On any post, really.

Tabatha’s Salon… no… Guild Takeover

Watch the video below. You don’t need to watch all of it, but stick it out for at least a minute or two. As you watch, imagine that instead of talking about and referring to hair salon matters etc, that she is instead speaking to members of a WoW guild. Nikki (in the purple shirt), in the video, is the GM so-to-speak of the salon. Tabatha (the British sounding one in black)  is a successful and experienced GM of her own salon, and currently has this show where she renovates every aspect of failing salons.

I think that it would not only be entertaining to watch a show like this about a person that takes over your guild to fix it, but it would be immensely educational for guilds that are trying to work out their problems.

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