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Resource-based AoE Concept

Something about AoE inWorld of Warcraft has always left a bad taste in mouth. I’m not talking about fighting multiple enemies simultaneously in general. It’s more about spells aimed at doing damage to more than one target via one cast. To me, a good non-example of AoE would be putting periodic effects several enemies. Whereas casting Swipe or Seed of Corruption would be a prime example of the type of AoE I have never liked.

It occurred to me that some classes have AoE that must be worked into their single-target rotations. I’m not talking about Death Knights- where AoE spells are just a serendipitous part of their omni-roation. I’m thinking of classes like Hunters or Retribution Paladins. These classes/specs have a choice to make: “Do I use my resources on a strong single-target ability, or an AoE weak single-target ability?” Read the rest of this entry