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TellMeWhen for… knowing when… stuff happens…

There are many addons that can track buffs, debuffs, stacks of things, cooldowns, reactive abilities, multi-state abilities, temporary weapon enchants, totems, wild mushrooms, ghouls, rune cooldowns, internal cooldowns, other players cooldowns, diminishing returns, spell casts, how many arrows you’ve taken to the knee, etc. TellMeWhen is a simple to use very versatile addon for doing exactly those kinds of things. Read the rest of this entry


OmniCC for precision timing

I really don’t remember exactly when or why I started using OmniCC. I’m guessing that one of my more experienced friends at the time suggested that I get it. It always amazing to me how many players get by without this addon. It’s equally amazing to me that Blizzard has never implemented an option to put this functionality in game.

But enough with the suspense. Read the rest of this entry

ReforgeLite for… reforging…

When you want to reforge your gear to get things like hit-cap and haste plateaus, often times you can refer to websites to help you. These websites will grab your character data from the armory and allow you input variables aimed at a specific reforging goal. You then take the resulting data and plug it in item-by-item in game to achieve your desired outcome. This is simply not necessary. Read the rest of this entry

Holy Paladin Lessons: Addons

After receiving a great response to my initial video Holy Paladin Lessons Part 1 I decided to get to work making a video detailing my addons,  as requested. So here it is.


Practice is essential to anything in life that you want to be the best at. World of Warcraft is no different. I think it’s likely the folks at Blizzard realize this as well, since they did take the time to create practice dummies. These can be found in many cities, and I have provided you with links below.

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