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TellMeWhen for… knowing when… stuff happens…

There are many addons that can track buffs, debuffs, stacks of things, cooldowns, reactive abilities, multi-state abilities, temporary weapon enchants, totems, wild mushrooms, ghouls, rune cooldowns, internal cooldowns, other players cooldowns, diminishing returns, spell casts, how many arrows you’ve taken to the knee, etc. TellMeWhen is a simple to use very versatile addon for doing exactly those kinds of things. Read the rest of this entry


Developing WoW Podcast Seeks Input

Yes, you are really HERE.

All too often guilds think that if they’re all friends, all great players, or even without any restrictions that things will work out naturally. It doesn’t matter if your guild considers itself to be “casual”, you need to have a certain level of organization. Even if your guild is hardcore, your members need a reason to stick around beyond just progression and loots. A few of my friends and I are working on creating a podcast geared towards finding that balance between what some people consider to be “casual” and others would call “hardcore”. Read the rest of this entry

The Peeve With PVP

Before playing WoW I was on a serious shooter kick. Halo, Counter Strike, Gunz (a somewhat lesser known free shooter, D-style ftw!), and a few nonsensical Wii attempts at shooters. In WoW I took my love of competing against real players with me. The problem these days tends to be in trying to farm honor you end up waiting sitting around for long periods of time accomplishing very little.  With the currently high waiting times for battle grounds, at least on Drenden, I put myself to the test and asked myself “so what do you propose blizzard should do about it?”

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