Quick’n’dirty look at Warlocks on the Beta (as of July 12, 2012)

The single-target damage is amazing for the moment. This will likely change. Lots of stuff to juggle (which I like so it’s a Pro) including 3.5 DoTs (with Haunt as a half DoT because you don’t really keep it up 100% of the time), 1 channeled filler (which I like so it’s a PRO), is the target below 20%?
All of the Pros I listed if you’re NOT into that play style. If you can master it, it’s great for movement and holding still encounters. No burst is also a con in many ways, but only the encounters will tell for sure. Also, as an Affliction aficionado (aka Afflicionado) for many years now this rotation doesn’t seem very fluid either. Maybe level 90 will fix it.

  • I talented for Grimoire of Supremacy as Affliction. It may have been because the melee-minions were spazzing out, but the Fel Imp (Supreme Sized Imp) was doing the most damage by a noticeable amount.
  • The Core Abilities tab seems to be good advice regarding a priority system. This is assuming that Drain Soul is high DPCT than Malefic Grasp when the target is below 20%.
  • Nightfall proc not giving working. Soul Shard not being generated.
  • It’s definitely a dps gain (very slight and can be a loss if done wrong) to regen shards with drain soul in order to keep up haunt 100% of the time, but the spec wasn’t designed with this kind of rotation in mind and blizzard has even stated that they will change it if players feel like they have to play that way.

Less to keep track of compared to Cata. 1 DoT, 1 CD nuke, is the target above 20%?, do I have Burning Embers?, should I sit on Burning Embers or spend.
Rotation (at least at level 85 so who knows if I’m way off base) doesn’t feel as fluid as it has in the past. The spells don’t seem to roll off the fingers.

  • Imp was doing the most damage for me.
  • The Core Abilities tab seems to be good advice regarding a priority system. I am assuming that Shadowburn is a higher DPCT than Chaos Bolt.
  • The Burning Embers mechanic seems to only serve the purpose of allowing you to cast a Chaos Bolt or use Ember Tap (which heals my character for 20.58% of my health). It’s unclear to me what the potential benefits are for stocking up Burning Embers is. You have three by default and can glyph for a 4th one. Given a cast time of 2.52 (for my lock on the beta) I could be casting Chaos bolt for a sustained 10 seconds. Assuming it has the highest DPCT it might be worthwhile to stock up on them to use in conjunction with cooldowns or during a burst phase? I’m interested on people’s thoughts regarding this.

I found the priority system to be quite engaging. It might feel a bit overwhelming at first glance to make sense of what to do and when, but it’s not that bad. 2 DoTS, 1 CD nuke, Soul Fire when Molten Core procs, use Meta to apply/refresh Doom, use Meta to keep Corruption rolling without recasting it.
If you don’t like the idea of having to keep track of spells in Caster form vs. Meta form then you likely won’t enjoy Demonology.

  • The Imp was doing the most damage for me. For AoE I’m guessing that Felguard is still the go-to minion.
  • The Core Abilities tab seems to be good advice regarding a priority system. I was using Metamorphosis to apply Doom (looks like Bane of Doom, also lasts one minute) and whenever Corruption was about to fall off since the Meta ability Touch of Chaos increases Corruption’s duration. Touch of Chaos also replaces Shadow Bolt as the primary filler for Meta. Meta has a number of AoE spells that I didn’t look much at.

Next step is to grind to 90 and see how things balance out at that point with the final tier talents.


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  1. I have only leveled to 88 but your conclusions echo mine. I am hoping that ember generation is ironed out a bit and the AOE outside FNB buffed a bit. All in all destro looks to be in a good place.

    Affliction i am not happy with. Despite the amazing DPS, i don’t find it engaging or fun. Going to be skipping it ( preface not a hardcore raider) . Demo is a LOT of fun. However the DF decay is way too high. A little bit of tweaking maybe required

    All in all. Destro > Demo> Afflic.

    A new patch is out due today ( 13th) Let’s see what changes it brings.

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