TellMeWhen for… knowing when… stuff happens…

There are many addons that can track buffs, debuffs, stacks of things, cooldowns, reactive abilities, multi-state abilities, temporary weapon enchants, totems, wild mushrooms, ghouls, rune cooldowns, internal cooldowns, other players cooldowns, diminishing returns, spell casts, how many arrows you’ve taken to the knee, etc. TellMeWhen is a simple to use very versatile addon for doing exactly those kinds of things.

TellMeWhen is one of the addons that I use in order to fully customize my UI layout. I can put them anywhere I want, resize them, and have them show me multiple spells in one icon. Instead of looking at my target’s unit frame, my self buffs, my action bar, and other players all in different locations, I can use this addon to centralize all that information. I use TellMeWhen on every character I have.

The first thing you want to consider is how you want to orient your information. You can have the icons set in either a column or a row. You can also set how many icons you want in the group. I always set this to some high number because you can make the extra icons inactive.

Once you have your group situated you have quite a few options at your disposal. Don’t feel overwhelmed. You can set as few options as who to watch and what to watch for. Take the example below. I have set it to look for my Rend rebuff when it is on my current target. Done.

On the right you can see the suggested spells. One of them says "Bleeding" which shows you the majority of player inflicted bleeds.

You can get really dynamic icons as well. TellMeWhen has added cool things like the ability to track multiple buffs or debuffs that do the same thing. No more casting things that are already being applied by someone else.

A great example of the flexibility of this addons is my icon for tracking when to use Colossus Smash ability. Knowing when to use it can be tricky to gauge using only the default UI. It has a cooldown that you have to track. The cooldown can be reset to zero in an instant, so you have to watch for that. Additionally, you don’t want to always use it immediately every chance you get because the ability puts a debuff on your target that you don’t want to overwrite by using Colossus Smash again too early. TellMeWhen helps me tackle this by tracking the Colossus Smash debuff on my target, and my Colossus Smash ability cooldown simultaneously via one icon. The icon then displays whichever cooldown is longer. This let’s me know if debuff is still up even when my ability is on cooldown. No matter what I don’t use the ability until the timer reaches zero.

From left to right are my priorities for my Arms Warrior. Below that, is my Rage (WeakAuras) and my general cooldowns via TellMeWhen.

TellMeWhen is great for learning a new rotation/priority system. Just identify the abilities with cooldowns and those that leave debuffs you need to track.  If your priority is to cast A > B > C > D then you simply set up your icons from left to right: A B C D. This helps you visualize what is the best ability to use next. An example can be seen above.

There are so many different ways you can customize this addon, that I spent about two weeks trying to figure out which ones I should show off. This post represents the most basic use of this addon. If you are willing to spend the time, you can customize these notifications in almost any way you need.

The only potential drawback of TellMeWhen is that you must know the things you need to track. Unlike other addons that can automate this information into an interface, TellMeWhen does not currently come with presets. You can, however, transfer setups from computer to computer and create profiles.

Hopefully this addon will help simplify things for you as it has for me! If you have any questions regarding this addon, or if you think I left anything important out, please let me know.



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