ReforgeLite for… reforging…

When you want to reforge your gear to get things like hit-cap and haste plateaus, often times you can refer to websites to help you. These websites will grab your character data from the armory and allow you input variables aimed at a specific reforging goal. You then take the resulting data and plug it in item-by-item in game to achieve your desired outcome. This is simply not necessary.

I have been using an addon called ReforgeLite. This addon is relatively simple to use and is quite powerful. In this example I will be using my hunter (who is at this time an alt with a hodge-podge set of gear) to illustrate the different things you can do with this addon.

This first picture shows the default window for the addon. This shows your current gear along with your current reforge choices. You can load one of the many Presets or import values. You can also assign your own stat weights. I generally find the presets to be decent and are reliable if you’re less than expert at calculating exact stat weights. You can also adjust for things like hit  and expertise caps.

In this second screenshot you can see that I am selecting the Preset for a Marksmanship Hunter that primarily uses Arcane Shot as a focus dump. Those values are automatically added to the stat weights. Once I have done this, I can hit the Calculate button to have the addon determine the best way to maximize my good stats while also meeting the melee hit cap.

As you can see below, there are check boxes for each of my reforgeable items. The ones that are already checked need no reforging. At the bottom of the window it shows me how much this particular reforge solution will cost me.

If I manually check some of the boxes, the addon will not reforge the items and the total cost goes down. For instance, if I am only concerned with achieving hit cap, I can check all of the boxes that aren’t going to increase my hit rating. You have to be careful though, as you can see, some of the boxes are going to reduce my hit rating for another stat. If I check those boxes, then I should also check some of the boxes that are aimed at increasing my hit in order to avoid going too far over the cap.

Another excellent use for this addon is that you can use it to look up important secondary stats on any class/spec at any time. The picture here shows the stat weights for a Feral Bear Druid.

Hopefully you found this addon helpful. If you know of any other useful reforging tools, talk it up in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!


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