OmniCC for precision timing

I really don’t remember exactly when or why I started using OmniCC. I’m guessing that one of my more experienced friends at the time suggested that I get it. It always amazing to me how many players get by without this addon. It’s equally amazing to me that Blizzard has never implemented an option to put this functionality in game.

But enough with the suspense.

OmniCC does one very simple thing; it adds a timer to your abilites. If something goes on cooldown, it shows you a timer indicating how many more seconds/minutes/etc until the ability is useable again. It also does this for buffs and debuffs. Pretty much anything in game that normally has a clockwise light-up timer mechanic. The author of addon describes this as “it turns all the standard analogue cooldowns into digital ones.”

You might be wondering why you should need this. While it may be true that the default user interface shows you quite clearly when a spell has come off of cooldown, it’s quite imprecise. You can see in the picture above (in which I used every cooldown I could think of) exactly how much longer until my spells will be available again. Maybe you can function perfectly without having an exact gauge on how long your spells will be off limits, but OmniCC has some additional functionality.

Looking again at the screenshot above, you can see four abilities just above my minimap. Those are debuffs on my current target. Curse of the Elements has a good four-plus minutes left on it. My Haunt debuff has about six seconds left on it. Since I know that Haunt has a travel time, meaning that it doesn’t get applied the very instant the spell is cast, I also know that when I have about 4 seconds left on it my new Haunt should be out the gate already. Which additionally means that I need to start casting it at approximately 5 seconds left on it. Without OmniCC, it’s incredibly difficult to gauge this.

It’s worth noting that OmniCC has the ability to integrate itself with other addons. The above noted debuffs are integrated with my unit frames addon. The timers on the right are working seamlessly with my action bar addon.

If for no other reason, it’s good to be aware of this addon if you read my blog, since I will be referring to a few addons that I’m making posts about in the near future.

Thanks for reading!


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