Blizzcon, Boozecon, Linecon, and Snoozecon

They were all actually pretty much the same event.


Linecon 2011

There must be something about Anaheim that cultivates lengthy and slow moving line formations. Razer had a line formed to play a game of plinko in order to win random Razer stuff. They were having people take their picture with themselves and the Razer logo in front of a gianormous Tyrael statue. After showing this picture to a Razer offical at the end of the line, you then had to sign up for the Razer newsletter on one of their 3 computers. Then drop the plinko disc and pray you didn’t end up with another mouse pad. Other booths had similar lines for similar chances to win similar items. It’s unfortunate that there aren’t more informational areas. I think that the groups with booths would do better to give codes to people that go online and follow them on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe even give redeemable raffle-ticket style codes or even tickets to people that demo items or watch presentations. I honestly didn’t look at any of the merchandise because I was spending so much time in line between Blizzard panels.

The typical introduction to a question at a Blizzard panel

When you get in line to ask a question at a Blizzcon panel, they give you a Mad-Libs style card to fill out. You read your filled out card before you ask your question. Here is verbatim what the card says:

[Generic salutation]. I just want to say I really think you guys are [synonym for “great”]. My name is [Insert your character’s name here] from [Whatever your server is called] in the guild [Your guild name goes here.]. I have been playing for [# of years you’ve been playing] years. [List all the things you’ve done in game, no matter how trivial they may seem.]. I’m just wondering, because though I’m into the game enough to pay travel and ticket price to be here but still not enough to keep up with game-related news to know if this has been asked, [your question goes here. You must have a minumum of 7 “ummm”s in the way you ask.]


Either you love the idea of the Pandaren at Blizzcon, or you hated it. Personally, I don’t care for the Pandaren at all. They’re just not me. It would be really cool to have some other race for the Horde, but it ultimately doesn’t matter. Undead can be monks? Done, no need for a new race. I’m also not really interested in the pet battle system. It doesn’t really matter what group started the idea of pet battles first, it’s just not interesting. I really hope they don’t make it something you feel you need to do for a raid buff or pvp gear or some BiS items. Mini-games ruined a lot of console games for me.


Meeting up with guild members IRL

I always have a blast hanging out with my guild mates online, and when we’re together in the real world it’s the same way. I got to meet/hang out with my long time WoW buddy Aldous (aka Boozekin). When you’re with a guy this funny, only zany hilarious things can happen. I look forward to next year’s Blizzcon in the hopes that we’ll get more guildies to come down to Anaheim for Boozecon 2012.

Kick ass food

If you’re even in Anaheim/Disneyland area you absolutely have to go eat at a little known place called the ESPN Zone. This is the ultimate sports bar, and their food is amazing. By some stroke of amazeballs luck, we ended up eating there twice. Homerun.

Free stuff

If you need a mousepad, go to Blizzcon. I think between the four people in my group we left with six or seven mousepads. One of us got a Razer trucker-hat. We won an SC2 Messenger Bag. I got a Razer SC2 headset. Several shirts. Free custom green-screen pictures of us riding a chicken. A free WoW novel. Not to mention the incredible goody bag that Blizzard themselves hands out, which included a mini Tyrael, a Murkablo in-game WoW pet, and as usual an authenticator.


I will go to Blizzcon again next year, time permitting. It’s just a lot of fun to be around a community of players that can come together and share their love of a gaming company in a positive way. I just hope next year’s goodie bag has a mini pet that actually gets attached to my account after I submit the code and throw it away in the hotel room…


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