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I really can’t believe the questions that were asked. I also really really can’t believe the questions that were chosen. If that wasn’t bad enough, the answers given were so nondescript that I’m not sure they’re appeasing anyone.

In response to this, I have chosen to answer the questions myself, and I highly encourage you to do the same. Considering that most of the questions weren’t development questions, but instead “Why isn’t this working for me?” questions, I think the community at large are best equipped to answer. 

Q: I spend a lot of my time in raids keeping Water Shield up, which I rely on to maintain enough mana. There have been times I’ve neglected to heal someone because I had to refresh Water Shield. Why are shaman healers less effective compared to other healing classes?

Water Shield is a great mana resource. If you think about it, most healers have to sacrifice a lot more healing time or healing effectiveness than shaman to replenish their mana. If any class should be complaining about replenished mechanics it’s paladins. If you don’t know other healers mana cooldowns and mechanics, it would serve you well to get familiar with them.

As for refreshing Water Shield when someone needs a heal, you have to prioritize healing over mana cooldowns.

Also, if you’re using Water Shield mechanics as a reason that shaman are less effective you’re focusing on the wrong area. All healing specs have their strength and maybe the playstyle of shaman isn’t for you. Shaman is an excellent “hybrid” healing spec in the way that you can provide significant tank healing, and also significant raid healing. Going between these two strengths can be quite fluid with practice.

Q: Is it intended for “smart” heals and target capped aoe spells to heal companions/pets like bloodworms instead of players? Can you redesign Shaman’s Chain Heal, so that it can jump over full HP players to a target without full HP? Do you have any plans to make chain heal stronger/more appealing for 5man/10man content?

If Chain Heal is hitting things like bloodworms or full health targets, I would argue that you didn’t actually need to use Chain Heal. The heal can hit 4 total targets, and to use it on less than 3 injured target is a waste. I would even say it’s a waste on less than 4 targets unless they are taking sustained AoE damage. In general, a Riptide and then two quick Healing Waves (from Tidal Waves proc) is a more efficient and precise way to heal than a Chain Heal.

If you’re asking for Chain heal to be able to jump indefinite range that would be far too powerful of a heal spell.

I would encourage you to get used to using Riptide, Healing Wave x2, and then Chain Heal on the target with Riptide, Healing Wave x2, etc.

I personally use Chain Heal quite effectively in 10 man content. It was a bit hard to make good decisions with it at first, but you soon learn to see the lay of the land, and understand logically when the spell will be worthwhile. If you really are having issues using it efficiently, I highly recommend GridStatusChainHeal in conjunction with the addon Grid. The basic rule I follow with Chain Heal is this: Use Chain heal if a visible group of players will be taking sustained damage or if a visible group of players will need several heals to get to full health. Even when I do use chain heal, it’s almost never twice in a row unless it’s incredible sustained damage, otherwise I’ll weave in Healing or Greater Healing Waves.

Q: At the start of Cataclysm, the the idea was given that developers wanted to step away from niche healing and let all healers be capable tank or raid healers. Has this goal since changed? Is there any plan to change the dogma “Holy Paladin = Tank healer”? As I remember, devs said that they wanted to change this formula in a past interview but Holy Paladins are still considered as a tank healer, indispensable for raid. Even thought other healers can heal tankers, there are people who say that this job is hard for other healers.

As I mentioned in a previous answer, every healing class has strengths and weaknesses. Also, every player has strengths and weaknesses. Add this to the stereotypes we developed during Wrath of the Lich King  and you’ve got a formula for class/spec specific healer roles.

It would be a serious mistake to make all healers equally good at all aspects of healing. If that were the case, you would instead be complaining about “why don’t all healers have identical cooldowns, buffs, and utility based abilities.

I hate to repeat myself even more, but “If you don’t know other healers mana cooldowns and mechanics, it would serve you well to get familiar with them.” I have raided on every healing class and spec since Cataclysm started. I would go so far as to say that I’m fairly competent with all of my healers.

That being said, while Paladins do have a great single-target arsenal, they are also capable of doing excellent raid healing. Just because a healing class doesn’t have several multi-target spells doesn’t mean they can’t raid heal. Paladins for instance can beacon a target, while using Holy Shock, Holy Light, and Word of Glory on multiple targets in quick succession. Combine this, with their Protector of the Innocent talent which heals yourself and you’ve got quite a bit of quick healing going out.

Shaman, as I’ve talked about already, have the ability to heal many targets quickly, as well as focus fire those heals all into one target to tank heal. Add Earth Shield to the mix, and they can cover any role.

Priests have great tools in both specs. Power Word: Shield for Discipline Priests is a great way to buy healers some time to get to a player in need of some help. Prayer of Mending is excellent and efficient healing for both specs. Circle of Healing does wonders if you know where to aim it. Both specs have great single-target throughput.

Druids are also quite versatile. Usually falling under the opposite extreme of the stereotype, Druids have great raid healing options. Wild Growth is an Smart HoT with a huge range. Lifebloom can be kept up on a tank, along with Rejuvenation and Nourish spamming will do wonders on a tank. Procs of Omen of Clarity allow for free casts of Healing Touch or Regrowth giving you even more great single-target throughput.

All of that being said, it’s about your playstyle. Once I realized that each healer has to view the battlefield and treatment of situations very differently, I realized that it wasn’t the class that was the issue in a situation, it was my lack of knowledge in how to best deal with it given my toolkit. Are certain roles easier on certain specs? That really just depends on you. Blizzard has done a great job of helping to eliminate the role gaps.

Q: Are you still considering creating a new heroic class of healer? Are there any plans for adding any new class with a healing talent tree in future expansions?

While I can’t give an “answer” response to this, I’d like to weight-in and say that I don’t think Blizzard should make a “healer” hero class. They should make a hero “caster” class. Since our one and only current precedent for defining what a hero class is would be Death Knights, I would make the claim that they’re not a “DPS” or “Tank” hero class, so why should we have a hero “Healer” class? Death Knights are a hero “Melee” class, with a tanking option. I would personally love a hero caster class. One tree can definitely be for healing, but the other two should be for DPS and, Devs willing, the first caster Tank?

Wishful thinking.

Q: What are the developers’ thoughts on perhaps giving Discipline priests three strengths/types of shields/absorbs, in a similar manner as all other healers have three main heals? Discipline priests (especially those purely going for absorb) always were unique through this absorb, I mean: Shields. Why does this become shorter and shorter, always saying we should go for direct healing instead? In that case you could play another healing class that has better direct heals.

Discipline Priest has Heal, Flash Heal, and Greater Heal. I count 3. Add to this Penance. Add to that Power Word: Shield. I count 5 spells that help undo or prevent damage. It’s all about knowing when to use what. Discipline Priest also has the option to spec into Smite providing a Smart heal which is situationally optimal.

As for having different strengths and types of absorbs, they actually already do. Don’t forget about Divine Aegis and Power Word: Barrier. With Power Word: Shield, that’s 3.

I’m not exactly sure what the question is asking when they say “those purely going for absorb”. Discipline Priest have never been about absorbs only and no direct healing. If that’s what you’re hoping for, it simply doesn’t exist. They changed the way Power Word: Shield worked because it was approaching a severely reduced need for direct healing model. By the end of Wrath of the Lich King Discipline Priests were able to contribute a huge amount of damage mitigation via shields alone. The Cataclysm change led to a definite playstyle difference, but an overall more versatile one.

Q: When healing, it is hard to see the overall screen because healers must keep an eye on the Raid frame. And due to PVP balance issues, dispels are only allowed for healer’s. This situation makes it too harsh for the healers and gives to much responsibility and also a burden because healers have to heal and move at the same time during raids. Isn’t this a little too harsh?

I’m not sure I would use the word “harsh”. Maybe “hard” instead? But even then I wouldn’t use it because it’s equally difficult for all other roles during raids.

It sounds to me like the problem is being able to see both the field of battle and the Raid Frames at the same time. If that’s your issue, getting a Unit Frames addon for healing (Grid, Heablbot, Vuhdo, etc.) might be your solution. You can resize any of these addons and also place them wherever is most convenient for you. I have my Raid Frames just off to the left from where my character is centered on my screen.

I’m assuming the player that asked this question doesn’t drive, or at least, I hope they don’t. Let’s rephrase this question from the viewpoint of a driver:

When driving, it is hard to see the overall surroundings because drivers must keep an eye on the road. And due to safety issues, licences are only allowed for certain ages. This situation makes it too harsh for the drivers  and gives too much responsibility and also a burden because drivers  have to watch their speed and navigate turns at the same time while driving. Isn’t this a little too harsh?

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Well for many drivers, at first, it can be a lot to keep track of. With experience, the bulk of it becomes second nature, and all you do have to worry about are the variables such as when to stop or turn etc. It’s the same with raiding and PVP. I’ve got a feeling that with more experience the person that asked this question will come back to it and have a good laugh.

Q: Healers are usually responsible for the loss of the teammate, but not all the mistakes are made by healers, such as over taunt or damage zone avoidance. This also happens in the 5 man dungeons frequently. Is there any chance to add a design to punish damage classes with inappropriate behavior? Is there ever going to be a clear indicator that the indivdual died from “unhealable damage” in combat logs/on screen warning?

There already are clear indicators. They just fly by on your combat log way too fast. It would definitely be nice for Blizzard to add some kind of option for the chat that announces what killed someone.

Even this though, can be misleading. Say for instance someone was low on health from damage that could have been healed through, but then was killed by something else that should not have killed them. This data can be read in the wrong way.

There are addons, such as Recount, that not only keep track of who has died, but also will show you a short timeline of what damage and healing the player took leading up to their death. This sheds huge light on what was really responsible for the player’s death. If Blizzard has a system that said “Nofuneral was killed by Engulfing Magic” for instance. On the face of it it would look like the player with Engulfing Magic, which explodes damage all around the player with the debuff, didn’t move fast enough. After close examination of an addon like Recount, you might discover that Nofuneral actually didn’t receive any healing for 20 seconds prior to his death, and that Engulfing Magic should not have been able to kill him.

Most groups I have ever been a part of either understand how to determine the cause of a death, or they do not. Groups that have to guess, are usually incorrect. Then someone whips out the Blame-thrower and tempers flare, people leave, etc.

As for 5-mans, I assume the player asking the question has had negative experiences using the Looking For Group tool. I think it’s very very bad idea to punish players that are still learning and making mistakes. You already the ability to kick players that are doing things that are beyond tolerable.

Q: How do you plan on addressing our inflating spirit and mana pools later in the expansion to keep mana a resource, rather than a solid blue bar? Do you plan to preserve a principle of rational use of mana, which makes it interesting to play a healer? In the beginning of Cataclysm we had to use almost every spell to succeed, while now everything is about pushing a couple of your best healing spells. With the release of a new patch the level of equipment will raise significantly, and we won’t have to think about mana regeneration any more. Do you plan to somehow adjust encounters or healing mechanics perhaps?

If I remember correctly, and I do, they are reducing the number of items in tier 12 that have spirit. So, while I can’t speak directly for the Devs, I’d say yes, they do have a plan.

Q: Are there any plans to give Holy Priests access to a viable 3-minute raid cooldown? There are concerns that without a cooldown along the lines of Power Word: Barrier, Spirit Link Totem, or Tranquility, we may need to play disc a lot in firelands. Maybe simply an improved Divine Hymn?

Firstly, I find it interesting that this is a Holy Priest specific question. No mention of giving Paladins a raid cooldown…

Holy Priests have some of the most amazing raid heals. Prayer of Mending is great. Prayer of Healing is amazing AND has no cooldown. Holy Word: Sanctuary has some definitely great uses. I’m not really sure where the need for a healing cooldown comes into play. That said, it sure would be nice for Divine Hymn to have a shorter cooldown…

Q: Looking at the healer changes with patch 4.2, there are changes being made to paladins and druids, but there doesn’t appear to be any for either the priest or shaman. Do you feel comfortable with where these two classes are? Where do you feel the other healers are at currently?

Paladins and Druids were in serious need of a change. Paladins had a virtually inexhaustible mana supply, and that needed to be accounted for. By increasing the cost of most of the Paladin’s direct healing arsenal, Paladins are forced to be more mindful of efficiency

Druids on the other hand needed an increase to their direct healing to really be competitive (not viable) as single-target healers. The change to their mastery helps this quite a bit, and I’m speaking from direct and recent experience.

Priests and Shaman were fairly balanced with regard to mana use and healing in single and multi-target situations. I know that I feel comfortable with where these two classes are.

As for the other healers, I personally didn’t gel well with Druid healing until they made this change, and it couldn’t come at a better time as I’m having to heal on and off on my Feral Druid in order to keep my Druid in the raid. Paladins don’t feel any different to me because I always try to heal as efficiently as possible, even when I really don’t need to. It’s just more fun to me that way. I have heard many Paladins elaborate on new efficiency tactics that you might want to look in to if you’re having issues with the changes.

Q: What is the reasoning behind certain classes that lack a healing spec (such as a rogue) being able to self-heal better than a dps spec of a healing class (such as a balance druid)?

More guesswork for me. I’ll say this- each DPS class that lacks a healing spec has a means with which to heal themselves. They may not all be ideal for every scenario, but they have their ways. This was not always the case.

It’s also quite difficult to balance this within the PVP environment. Classes that don’t have endless control abilities, or that have to do their damage from close range generally will need more healing abilities than ones that can do everything from range and have lots of spacing and control abilities. It’s quite a leap to make the claim that Rogues have better self healing than Balance Druids, but even if they mathematically do, it goes back to the statement that ranged/control classes don’t need the healing as much.

Q: With the changes being made to critical heals, do you feel that crit will become a more prominent stat for healers, up there with haste and mastery? Or is it a less important change aimed at balancing between the pve and pvp aspects of the game?

Let me answer your question with another question:

Q: Would you rather gamble to ensure your needs are met, or get a dependable paycheck?

My answer to my question that answers your question is this- I’d rather get a dependable paycheck, especially since I’m doing some gambling on the side no matter what.

Things like Haste and Mastery in general are better stats for healers, with exception being Shaman because it’s generally best to reforge for whatever best fits the situation. They are better because they are consistent. Adding Haste will ensure that spells are consistently faster, which yields a consistent increase. Crits, even at higher Crit rates, are a gamble. The spell might  Crit. It might ever be extremely likely  to Crit. But that’s still a scenario you can’t count on due to inconsistency.

As for the changed being aimed at balancing between PVE and PVP, how much a heal that might Crit heals for isn’t a good way to balance, and PVP players won’t be able to get enough Crit to really make it an impressive change.

Q: Do you feel that the three-heal model you implemented at the start of Cataclysm is a success? Have you changed your expectations or goals in regards to the three-heal model after watching a tier of raiding? How do you feel about how the various specs are using or avoiding these three core heals?

I’m not sure how you would gauge that the system is a success unless you first state what you’re trying to accomplish. Let’s look at some of the interpretations and their “success”:

If the three-heal model was trying to…

…force healers to be more efficient then it has  worked to a certain extent. No healing class can continuously cast their fast-inefficient heal or their slow-large-amount heal without running out of mana. Each healing class has options in their toolkit outside of their base three heals that make them unique and diverse.

…homogenize the basics of the healing classes then it definitely was successful. That was the very first thing I noticed when the changes were implemented prior to Cataclysm. It’s not making any of the specs any less unique, but what it does do is give them all equal ground to start from. Tanking specs and DPS specs have worked from the same kind of basic framework forever. It’s nice that healers have a primer now as well.

…fix World of Warcraft for everyone and also save Giftsmas then it was a terrible failure and everyone hates you for reminding us of how bad things really are.

What’s truly nice about the three core heals is that they weave in and out of each classes unique abilities to help accommodate a wide range of playstyles, and that’s really the best case scenario in a game with millions of different users.

And now, since I answered questions, I have one of my own…

Q: Why can’t Druid Tree Form just be something that you can’t be locked out of so that way we can have it back as a permanent form like every other Druid still has?

Because I am not a Dev.

If you want to steal my idea, please do so. If you think I’m wrong, let’s get a discussion going.

Also, please please please check out


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  1. I’m not one of the techno-numbers-mathy geeks of the blogosphere, so I’m only going to address your last question…


    *Everything* a druid does has a special form for it. Tanking? Go bear! Melee deeps? Meow. Swimming? Flippers! Running around? Cheetah! Flying? Flap flap flap!

    …except healing. We used to have trees. We no longer have trees, and I am a very sad former-tree-who-is-now-mostly-a-cow.

  2. Hi there, I found this particular post via a retweet on Twitter.

    I’m going to counterpoint some of your “answers.”

    Judgements return more than mana, they also give you a throughput buff via haste. While it’s as maintenancy as Water Shield (in some cases, more so, in some cases, less so), it’s still better than some other mechanics (Holy Concentration). Water Shield itself does not give you any innate throughput buffs, for comparison, nor does it heal you or your Beacon target like Seal of Insight and Protector of the Innocent (something I find a lot of paladins like to conveniently forget).

    On the note of smart heals, sometimes it can’t be helped (see, CoH, WG), and sometimes it does its own thing due to latency anyway. This isn’t a failing of the player. (However, I’d still advocate them healing actual combat pets – hunter, warlock, mage elemental and death knight ghoul pets.) Two sides to every coin.

    Holy priests have decent single-target throughput, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say great. In very convoluted circumstances will you want a holy priest tank healing. Almost never will this happen in a 25-man environment, since it is done better by every other healer in every circumstance.

    Holy Word: Sanctuary is nigh useless. Honestly, I can’t believe this is something you even brought up. I can count on one hand the number of encounters where this would be even remotely desirable in a 25-man environment between T11 and T12, let alone a 10-man environment, due to the mana cost (granted, stealth buff recently, but even so). Also, holy paladins at least have Aura Mastery, which is more than a holy priest can say. It’s situational, yes, but it’s still there. (And I’d advocate holy paladins having a more useful raidwall.) Failing to acknowledge it does not make it cease to exist. In its current state, Divine Hymn serves to buff Tranquility. Prayer of Healing also isn’t all you’re making it out to be. Yeah, it’s great, but it’s also extremely limited (remember, it’s still group-only and not a smart heal), and isn’t necessarily the right spell. One must also compare the mana cost and cast time if one wants to look at the lack of cooldown on it (and setup, too – for Disc, Borrowed Time; for holy, possibly Serendipity).

    I’d like to ask where BM and Survival’s self-healing is at. They do not have access to Chimera Shot, last I knew, and their self-healing is limited to bandages (ROFL) and potions (also ROFL).

    Tree form permanent? Really? C’mon. Pretty sure this was covered back at the end of Wrath. And many times since then. Originally, ToL was intended to be something that druids shifted in and out of. During Wrath, it was adapted to become more permanent, but still was not meeting the original goal of ToL. Cataclysm forced ToL to be something that a druid had to consciously shift into. The other forms prevent healing, and prevent optimal DPS while out of form (similar to Shadowform for shadow priests, or using Earthliving Weapon for shaman).

    To that end, on your other answers, I’ll agree with some of the points. But the above, I think you’re kind of off-base and taking a “grass-is-greener” outlook on some aspects.

    • My whole point about Judgement was to say that Shamans need to not cry so hard about Water Shield, especially if their whole point is that they have to waste a global here and there. Paladins judge as close to on CD as possible.

      Wild Growth and Circle of Healing can be used pretty efficiently, but obviously it’s quite difficult to get anywhere near 100% efficiency. Chain Heal though, comes extremely close, probably in the area of 90% for me. If 4 people don’t need a heal, or if it’s bouncing to full health targets, you should be casting something else.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe I ever said that Holy Priests have “great” single-target heals. Their single-target heals are decent though, definitely not the worst.

      Holy Word: Sanctuary, in any case that Power Word: Barrier would get high use, does a decent job. You can choose to not use it, it’s really based on your raid comp. In 25 mans, there are enough healers to make it unlikely that you’ll need it. It shows up in a number of WoL parses I’ve seen, but again, mostly 10mans.

      Prayer of Healing is great. Yes, it’s group only, but my reference to using it was in defense of the idea that Priests don’t need a cooldown the same way as other classes might. In a scenario that you would need a raid cooldown, Prayer of Healing will get 100% efficiency on any group, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

      Yeah, Chimera Shot, you got it right. I also reiterate the point that control classes and ranged, but ESPECIALLY controlranged classes don’t need self healing as much as melee or non-control classes.

      And perhaps my wording was confusing. By “permanent” I simply meant that it will stay up until you shift out of it, like all the other Druid forms. I understand that the change was to help Druids in PVP, because they were getting locked out of their maximum healing potential. All I’m saying is, if you can make Restoration Druids be able to shift out of roots, why not make them be able to shift into Tree of Life form no matter what? I miss being a tree.

      I think you make good points. I still stand by my views on healers. I also still say that a lot of how we look at the healing classes is influenced by our own playstyles and personal strengths/weaknesses.

      Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting!

  3. Which I agree with (I’ve played a resto shaman for a long time off and on, back when IWS removed orbs and totems were only two minutes). However, it does bear mentioning that Judgements do provide a lot more than just mana. Water Shield does not. This is the main point of contention with WS vs. Judgement arguments.

    Again, something I agree with, but detracts from the point of the question, which I followed up with previously regarding latency. As an aside, it’s also very possible that WG can be sniped, and both CoH and WG have the necessity of requiring six targets (who wouldn’t glyph for them?) to prevent a lot of overheal. In both cases, it’s actually possible to say that, under some circumstances, CoH or WG can be less efficient than CH.

    “Both specs have great single-target throughput.” To quote you. “Both specs” includes holy.

    It actually sees *less* use, if anything, in 10-man, since the scenarios where it would actually be good in 25-man are much more limited than 25-mans. In fact, any scenario where you’d see a lot of raid healing in general (Beth’tilac, for example), Sanctuary sees more use. In 10-man, it’s hard to justify the mana cost, which is the biggest drawback to Sanctuary. When speaking of raid cooldowns, though, Sanctuary does not enter the equation, ever.

    Again, raid cooldowns. Power Word: Barrier. Priest. What you are responding with here does not make sense, since you cannot look at PoH in regards to raid cooldowns when it’s available to both specs, and one of said specs has a raid cooldown. Disc priests have PoH too, you know, so this is not a valid argument. You can’t look at PoH as a holy-only spell. Holy is definitely lacking in this department (for both paladins and priests).

    You also realize that hunters are the worst class to play in PvP right now, on all accounts, too, right? The point remains, not every spec has self-healing capability. In a PvP or raiding environment, a non-marksman hunter MUST rely on a healer under all circumstances. Still, as a “control” class, hunters have the most ramp-up for cc out of any class in a PvP environment, and all forms of their cc can be broken on damage, dispelled or resisted. Never mind trapping is telegraphed so far in advance, you’d have to be blind to miss it.

    And that was exactly what I stated. I knew what you meant by permanent. Previously, there was zero incentive to swap out of tree form. Personally, I don’t miss being a tree on my druid (and I liked the old tree form model better, too). That said, if they made ToL a possibility as a “permanent” form, we’d be back to BC and Wrath again, which, as I said, is not the goal of ToL.

    A lot of healing is based on personal variations, yes (which is why different players put different weights on secondary stats and gemming/enchanting choices). Also, I apologize if I seem brusque or otherwise overly critical, but I don’t feel it’s all right to just brush off or ignore aspects and take things in direct comparison.

    • Ok, I rescind my statement that they both have “great” single-target thoughput, but they both have decent throughput.

      Holy’s Prayer of healing is superior by far. I stand by my concept that Holy doesn’t need a cooldown to help themselves out in raid healing, since Chakras (albeit, not perfectly) go a long way to help.

      I seriously disagree with you about Hunters, but I’ll save that for my Ask the Bloggers: PVP.

      As for my apparent “brush off” and ignoring of “aspects” I tended to stick directly to the point,and give the askers some perspective on what other healers do in similar situations, since I was working on the assumption that the askers weren’t entirely familiar with healing a whole in WoW.

      • Holy’s PoH is only better due to Chakra, and even then, Disc gets DA to counteract it, which can double dip on a crit. In many cases, a priest that isn’t stacking mastery (more likely than it seems – haste is much better in most circumstances), Echo of Light is so small as to be negligible in the short term. Both specs have the option to glyph it. The problem is, as being discussed on the healing forums, that in many situations (read, 10-mans), not having a raid cooldown can (and sometimes will) wipe your raid. Using Prayer of Healing as justification to not have a raid cooldown is, quite honestly, stupid. You may disagree with me on this, but it simply cannot make up for Power Word: Barrier, Spirit Link Totem, Tranquility, Divine Guardian or Rallying Cry. Tranquility can do 300k healing in 8 seconds, as an example. PoH cannot. When it does, then I’ll say PoH is amazing and holy doesn’t need a raid cooldown.

        You may disagree with me regarding hunters, but there’s still no self-healing for a non-MM hunter. And as Rades pointed out below, a Spirit Beast is not an option. Also, scatter traps are still able to be telegraphed. It might be a little easier with Intimidation as BM, but even that’s situational and not likely to happen.

        No, you say “holy priests have PoH” … but so do Disc priests. A holy priest’s PoH is only marginally better than Disc’s due to Echo of Light, especially if the Disc priest is mastery-heavy. This is not a point you can gloss over, since it’s available to both specs. You say holy priests don’t need a raid cooldown, but have ignored that raid cooldowns are necessary, moreso in 10-man content (which is tuned more tightly than 25-man). You mention raid cooldowns, and throw in Holy Word: Sanctuary, which is so far from a raid cooldown it’s not even funny. To me, that’s not staying on topic.

        Now, in regards to the people asking the questions, I’ll agree to a point. I personally feel that the devs just answered the questions that were least likely to get them flak (read, no answers on druid anything, no Holy Concentration, no Deep Healing, etc.).

    • If Holy Priest not having a raid cooldown is wiping the raid, I have yet to see it happen for myself. Even in groups with zero raid saving cooldowns (Druid, Holy Priest, Paladin is something I run quite a bit) I’ve never found it to be a major issue. An adjustment to Divine Hymn may well be in order, but beyond that, Holy Priests need some PVP tweaks more than raiding tweaks.

      • Okay, well, I can understand your point of view. I think the biggest point of contention is that in order for holy to remain competitive, there needs to be something there. PW:B is just that strong. Lowered cooldown on DH would be a good step, even so.

        Still, I’ve given up all hope on holy being decent for PvP (it’s at least viable in battlegrounds, and to a degree in arena, but still not up to par with disc, and never will be).

      • I definitely don’t envy the game Devs that have to create two unique but related healing specs within one class, that look and feel very unique. It’s got to be ridiculous trying to work with that idea within the confines of balancing PVE and PVP between them as well, without making them too similar.

  4. Here’s my thoughts – I ignore the Shaman-related stuff because I have no idea how Shaman healing works.

    Q: When healing, it is hard to see the overall screen because healers must keep an eye on the Raid frame. And due to PVP balance issues, dispels are only allowed for healer’s. This situation makes it too harsh for the healers and gives to much responsibility and also a burden because healers have to heal and move at the same time during raids. Isn’t this a little too harsh?

    This is an oddly worded question, but I think it’s a decent point. I know when I am in Alterac Valley (40 players) or a 25-man raid, available screen space CAN be a burden, even with custom healing addons that are resized to be small. Why CAN’T DPS be able to Dispel? I always love when Mages are able (and willing) to help out on this aspect of a fight. I mean, I sometimes get asked (as a Priest) to Dispel certain buffs on an enemy – I think it’s completely reasonable for DPS to help ME out by Dispelling bad stuff on the raid, if I’m busy healing actual damage. I’d like to see this change.

    Q: What is the reasoning behind certain classes that lack a healing spec (such as a rogue) being able to self-heal better than a dps spec of a healing class (such as a balance druid)?

    Goddamn PVP. This is definitely true though. Frost DKs were able to heal themselves much easier and for WAY more than my Shadow Priest. Even with the nerf to Glyph of Dark Succor, it’s still much faster for me to do so. My Shadow Priest heals are pathetic. And my poor BM Hunter can’t heal himself at all (the specific example of having a Spirit Beast out is invalid.) I don’t necessarily know that this needs to be fixed, mind you.

    Q: Why can’t Druid Tree Form just be something that you can’t be locked out of so that way we can have it back as a permanent form like every other Druid still has?

    Considering the permanent nature of all of the other Druid forms, I do agree that like it or not, and regardless of what Tree form it is, it should probably be a permanent state. And certain spells, if they require one form to shift out of the form to use it, should require all forms to shift out. Or be usable in all forms without shifting. But no variance.

    That being said I still freaking hate Tree form.

    • Considering the permanent nature of all of the other Druid forms, I do agree that like it or not, and regardless of what Tree form it is, it should probably be a permanent state. And certain spells, if they require one form to shift out of the form to use it, should require all forms to shift out. Or be usable in all forms without shifting. But no variance.

      All healing spells require all forms to shift out. ;P The problem comes with as I said above, shadow priests are also limited (just as moonkin and feral druids, and to a lesser degree, both DPS shaman specs) by form in order to prevent them from healing, or if they do heal, at significant cost to their DPS. On the same token, it would be highly unfair if a feral druid could use cat/bear form abilities in caster form, or a resto druid would have to be in form in order to use any of their abilities at all (since this would relate to the damage spells).

      • I guess I was unclear – I didn’t mean healing spells, just like I wouldn’t imply that Feral cats would have to shift out to use their core abilities. I meant for things like Rebirth, roots, Tranquility, etc. Those general-use abilities should have the same restrictions (or lack of) regardless of your shifted form.

      • But no variance, right? ;)

        I jest. Still, as I said in a previous comment, it would lead back to BC/Wrath-esque druids, and that’s not a goal as far as I can tell (nor should it be). Druid and priest forms are there as prevention mechanics, both in PvE and PvP, since priests and druids are hybrids. To a degree, this also affects shaman with their weapon imbues, but less so than the other two classes. There is absolutely no reason to limit a healing druid from any of their spells.

        Though, I should think that if they manage to get it figured out, a cosmetic perma-tree would be good (they did mention there are some limitations at this time that are preventing that from happening, last I knew).

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