Why/when I will be buying a Figureprints.com WoW item.

He's got the face for radio.

He's got the face for radio.

Ever since I first saw the Figureprints.com character statues I was interested in having one. The issue for me is getting one, and then some greater looking gear comes out. I would want a different immortalization of my character, but I’d be stuck paying more. This is especially a bad scenario for me because the pricing is somewhat high for me. They must be pretty nice quality though at $69.95 USD for a bust and $129.95 USD for the statue.

My solution, because I’m going to get one eventually, is to wait until I’m done with WoW altogether.

Not to get too sentimental about a group of people you likely don’t know, but the idea of WoW being over is kind of sad for me. Not because it will mean my gaming hobby is over. (There will always be more games to play, hell, Blizzard might even make a good enough successor to WoW.) I get sentimental because of the great group of people that I have met and played with over the years. The idea of moving on from WoW isn’t difficult, and some days it’s downright exciting, but moving on from my WoW friends will be tough if it comes down to that. I’m really not sure what other games they like to play. Some of them I do *coughMinecraftcough* but most of them I have no idea what online game(s) we could play together. There may be a few people that move on from online gaming to have families or more time consuming careers. I suppose only time will tell.

But when the end of days comes to the World of Warcraft, I will put together all my favorite gear items on my Warlock (and maybe another character) and log out. I will point my browser (unless we develop something better by then) to http://www.Figureprints.com, and I will create my order and get a nice piece of memorabilia.

Someday, my kids will ask me “Dad, seriously, WHAT is that?” while pointing at the Figureprints Darthlacinis. To which I will reply “Sit down, child, and I will spin you a tale about adventure, and boredom. About successes and epic failures. Life and death. Dragons and prairie dogs. Friends and trolls. A story of how a group of people that were originally a ska band came together to defeat the world (of wacraft’s) greatest evils…

…this is the tale of Darthlacinis.”


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  1. Awwwww, you made me tear up a little! /sniff

  2. I got one of the figureprints a few years ago fora birthday present. This was when I was raiding in BC. It is still one of most treasures gifts even if I’m not wearing the same gear anymore.

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