Thinking Space

John ****ing Madden!

I’ve been a big fan of Android phones since their launch. I actually just traded in my Droid Eris, which was the lower grade of the first two Verizon Android choices, for a brand spankin’ new HTC Thunderbolt. (This phone is killer) What’s even more killer than hardware upgrades, are what are known as “concept maps”.

We’ve all seen them. They are connected webs of ideas that are interrelated. Flow charts, thought webs, brainstorming maps are all pretty much concept mapping.

Recently, while browsing the Android Market, I came across an app called “Thinking Space“. The picture shown above is pretty much what the app does. This is such a great tool for visual learners. Being able to see your ideas, and check connections between them helps you keep your presentation concise.

What makes this even better, is that Thinking Space can import/export from PC programs such as Freemind, Mindjet, and XMind. I can start developing a concept map on my phone or my computer, and then export/import to the other. The app can also export to a text file, which is laid out in a manner similar to a traditional writing outline. You can also export to an image or to cloud services. You don’t even have to plug your phone into your computer, as the app will export the file via e-mail to wherever you want to send it. If you prefer not to e-mail, grabbing the file off of your phone is also quite easy.

Now all I need is a concept mapping program that will let people simultaneously manipulate the map.

Does anyone know of such a program or website?


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