What I learned from Magmaw and the 4.0 gang. (Part 1)

Chances are that if you read WoW-related blogs, that you are a pretty avid WoW player. Chances are that if you are a pretty avid WoW player, that you are already experiencing a decent amount of the in-game content.  Chances are this includes raiding content. This post is really meant to help people that haven’t seen most of, or potentially any, of the current (circa patch 4.1) raiding content get in the right state of mind for it.

When I started doing serious1 raiding, my guild was taking on Naxxramas during the time when Ulduar was current raiding content. Now, with patch 4.2 and the Firelands raid coming out very soon, there will be many players that take their first real steps into the 4.0./Tier 11 raiding experience. Luckily for me, back when my guild started working on Naxxramas in Wrath, we had guild members that had PUGged into raids and learned a lot of the details we needed in order to be successful.

Having cleared 12/122 normal mode I am in a good position to pass down what I’ve learned from my experiences both back during Wrath, and thus far during Cataclysm.

There are a few basic components to most raid instances.  These include the map/kill order, trash mobs and their specific behaviors, and boss strategies. This post will cover this information for the first boss that I think you’ll want to kill when you start clearing the Tier 11 raiding content.

Most groups start their progression by killing Magmaw, Omnotron Defense System, Halfus Wyrmbreaker, or Conclave of the Four Winds. My personal recommendations are to go for Magmaw first, and then the Omnotron Defense System. This is because Magmaw is broken up into two fairly autonomous groups, and it’s fairly easy to tell what went wrong when your group wipes. Let’s see why.

To get to Magmaw, you simply zone in to Blackwing Descent, and head up the stairs to the left. There are two trash pulls prior to fighting Magmaw:

Now that you’ve cleared the trash, the only thing left to worry about is the strategy you’ll be using to kill the boss. If you’re sick of reading you can just watch the video below:

You will have two basic groups:

Group1 – Two tanks, and any melee DPS. You will need at least one DPS in this group, even if they are ranged. One of the DPS in this group, and one tank will both have to handle Constricting Chains, which I will talk about in a moment.

Group2 – Your healers, and any ranged DPS. You won’t want your melee DPS in this group, because they won’t be able to hit the boss. It is ideal to have a DPS with the ability to slow enemies in this group. Hunter traps, Shaman totems, AoE stuns, knockbacks, and even Rogue Crippling Poison or Death Knights Howling Blast + Chillblains will all be fine DPS for slowing down the Lava Parasites when the time comes.

 Your first tank will pick up the boss and stand off to the left or right. The second tank, and any other DPS in Group1 will stand on the opposite side of Magmaw. Be careful not to fall off the edge. Feral Druids and Combat/Subtlety Rogues beware YOU WILL FALL OFF IF YOU USE ABILITIES THAT PLACE YOU BEHIND MAGMAW! There, I just saved you the embarrassment of learning that the hard way.

Tanks taste awesome.

You BETTER kill those Lava Parasites.

Make sure to change tanks.

So what did I really learn from Magmaw? To pay attention to all the things around me, and not just my primary job. The lava under Group2, the Parasites that are still alive, when Ignition begins, when the tank gets swallowed, are both chainers on Magmaw, did someone get hit by a Parasite, are the Parasites up and am I ready to slow/stun/knock them back? This is considered one of the easier fights to start with. Use this fight to really emphasize the importance of raid awareness. Every fight beyond this one will demand more from your group. If this kind of challenge isn’t fun and engaging for you, I’m sorry to say that raiding isn’t your best option in WoW.

That is what I learned from Magmaw and the 4.0 gang.

1.) Raiding with the intention of progressing through the entire dungeon.

2.) I am in NO WAY bragging, I know many people have done much more than 12/12.


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