Rock on, game on!

Man, it’s been awhile. With budgets being the way they are in the state of California cuts will happen here and there. Education isn’t safe, and thus, neither is my job. Due to this fact I have been busy getting things in order for next year, but after an excellent Spring Break, I feel rejuvenated enough to start doing things I enjoy again.

During my excellent Spring Break I caught an excellent Bad Religion concert. The clip above isn’t from the exact show I went to, but the same venue etc. It’s been many years since I’ve had the chance to see a show, and it was well worth the trip I made (about 4 hours drive + traffic jams) to get to Anaheim and see it.

I’m inspired again. I have played in many bands over the course of many years of my life and suddenly I want to start another band. I want to play music again. I don’t really care what or who with. It’s amazing to me to find that just when I think I won’t be in a band again I’m on the verge of starting another one.

The thing I’m wondering is “can this also happen for me with video games?” It’s been awhile since I was a really consistent mainstream gamer. Going on about five years, actually. Is there a game out there that can bring me back into gaming, beyond WoW and the Wii bowling game? Beyond getting schooling in SFII vs. my bro and pulling my hair out playing Little Big Planet?



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