Commentary on Commentary

[Please Note: I have NOT not not checked any any ANY of the links contained in the quotes used in this blog. CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISTK! But seriously, don’t click them at all.]

This post isn’t actually about commentary. Instead it’s commentary about stuff that ends up in my blog comments that isn’t actual commentary. Confused yet? So was I.

Aside from my original blog location, I am fortunate enough to be allowed to post (or copy rather) my thoughts onto a website called While some of you are directed here from Youtube videos or World of Warcraft spamming I do, the vast majority of you are likely reading these words on the Gamer Limit site. With regard to comments on my blogs, the vast majority of them find my blog via the same website. I love reading comments. Who (for the most part) doesn’t? It’s like reading what your friends put in your yearbook after the year is over. Good times all around.

The problem is that sometimes you turn to a page with a big long note with hearts all over it, careful to stifle your enthusiasm a bit just in case it’s NOT someone you’re interested in, to find that it wasn’t left by a person at all. Some… someone…. some… entity… company…. I’m really not entirely sure of the source but they put a full page in your yearbook that reads something like

China and Russia put the blame on some screwed up experiments of US for the earthquake that happened in Haiti.
Chinese and Russian Military scientists, these reports say, are concurring with Canadian researcher, and former Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief of Forbes Magazine, Benjamin Fulford, who in a very disturbing video released from his Japanese offices to the American public, details how the United States attacked China by the firing of a 90 Million Volt Shockwave from the Americans High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facilities in Alaska
If we can recollect a previous news when US blamed Russia for the earthquake in Georgio. What do you guys think? Is it really possible to create an earthquake by humans?
I came across this article about Haiti Earthquake in some blog it seems very interesting, but conspiracy theories have always been there.

I’d advise you NOT to click on wherever that link takes you. Just like I’d advise you not to call what whoever writes something like that in your yearbook with a phone number at the end. Likely that following up on either one (link or phone number) will leave you with a “virus” of some sort, if not a terrible terrible advertisement.

I fairly sure that the comment had nothing to do with Why joining a PUG raid is like going to the ghetto. There are however, some comments that I have to really think about before disregarding them. Like this one in response to RPG aka Really Permissive Genre

Hi Snowboarders
Just planning Mt Pinos Ski .
Anyone been there last week?
Its not the Sierra’s, but ,
really enjoyed, like Snow Creek Ski and Hidden Valley Ski Missouri

Have a good holiday

I was hard to tell if this commenter was using my favorite teaching device, the analogy. Perhaps he was drawing parallels. Maybe in the same way that this commenter settled for Mt Pinos Ski, we often settle for games that are close enough to the RPGs we like to admit them into the same list of considerations just as the commenter did in grouping Mt Pinos Ski with Snow Creek Ski and Hidden Valley Ski Missouri. If he was, I feel it was a bit cerebral for a non scientific-journal based blog.

Another case of ambiguity was found in this comment

Well I assent to but I contemplate the post should secure more info then it has.

Possibly a poetic response to Storming the Citadel Compilation? I’ve already ruled out Haiku. Perhaps by saying “…I assent to..” they meant “…I [ascend][too]..” but for it also read literally that they concede and “…secure more info..” means I should have waiting until we cleared more of the overall raid to make a video? There was no external link, so I have to assume it was left as a real comment, right?

And I thought the hard work was done when I figured out how to pan the stupid video on the Druid tank during the growl in “Nocturnal.”

Another case of no-link-attached was

Ciao ive just joined.

What? No comment. Really, I don’t even think this is a comment.

At least it’s not as bad at this next one, that made me thing for a moment that someone else had beaten me to the punch I made in my Please Re-box “Unboxing” Vids blog

I have already seen it somethere…

If that link contains a pathway to evidence that I somehow plagiarized or very closely imitated something that already exists, I never found out.

Where do these comments come from? I can’t seem to find a way to have the comments require viewing a picture and typing in distorted characters to prove you’re a real person or else it would already be set up that way.

Perhaps you can comment on a means to prevent these inane comments?


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