Adventures in Babysitting: Off-healing 5 Mans

For a guy that warns against PuGs so much, I sure participate in a lot of them. I see them as an means to an end. I need badges. I need gear for alts. There are only so many opportunities for these. I also use the Dungeon Finder system to level my alts without questing very much. You may ask “why complain about something that you subject yourself to knowingly?”

Because it’s funny. Like grandpa’s old war stories, but funny instead of depressing.

Hence: Adventures in Babysitting.

I like to run random dungeons on my mid 70’s Priest. I’m dual specced shadow/holy. Since the majority of tanks that use he Dungeon Finder system sub-Level 80 are NOT defense capped, NOT specc’d for tanking, and not wearing ANY tanking gear, I tend NOT queue as a healer. I’ve also really been enjoying playing shadow, even more so since I hit level 75 and got Mind Sear (AoE spell), so I have pretty much no reason to heal these randoms.

Recently I was running some dungeons and discovered that some people would tend to disagree with me. Not from the idea that if I heal the dungeons myself the group stands a better chance of success than leaving it to some unknown and possibly unskilled healer. Actually, it was an unskilled healer that began to badger and mock me for not healing when they died.

Now I’m not the kind of guy that refuses to heal when I am running as a DPS. It’s tricky though. If a healer notices you off-healing they sometimes take it personally. I’m guilty of feeling that way myself. In this particular run though, the healer died (several, several times) and expected me to clean up his mess.

The first time this occurred was on a seemingly normal pull. The tank grabbed three or four adds, the DPS starting laying into them, the healer was probably healing somebody. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then, as it sometimes happens, a patrolling group of enemies walks up and decides they want a piece of the action as well. It must have been somewhere between when the second group arrived and when I felt the tank had enough threat for me to use Mind Sear at my leisure that the healer was killed. My guess, heal threat from HoTs (healing over time spells) still running on the tank as the second group arrived.

So here I am, unaware that the healer has died, and I start casting my Mind Sear spell. After a moment, the tank dies, I hit Fade (to drop my own threat and attempt to assess if I can still kill the rest of the guys before they kill me), and begin to run away (because there’s just no way I can kill rest). We wipe. Not a big deal. This happens sometimes, and with the second group that came strolling by it really wasn’t a big surprise to me. For some reason the healer (maybe they anticipated getting chastised from previous experience?) starts to berate me for not healing the tank. As if I blatantly refused to or something. I believe his words were something along the lines of “you could have at least bubbled him!”

Ok. So I’m slightly annoyed at what this guy is getting at. Like I blew it or something and the fail was in some way my fault. I was a bit taken aback. Just to check that I wasn’t misunderstanding I asked him “while you (the healer) were still alive?” Turns out that “yeah”, he did expect me to help him out during the pull. To be diplomatic I said “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice the tank was having trouble, I’ll try to watch out better in the future.” He continued to try to blame-throw at me. Hoping to salvage the healer (so I wouldn’t have to heal) I tried another approach I have found works in cooling down a hot-head. “Dude, it’s ok. No one is blaming you. No one is mad at you. Groups die sometimes, let’s just get back in here and keep going : ) ” He stopped. For the time being.

I should state that I  knew the tank. He’s in my guild. Fantastic player. I have healed him myself many times and I’m sure if I had been healing nothing bad would have happened. My point not being so much that it was the healer’s fault. Quite the contrary. I was being honest in telling him that there were no hard feelings in the wipe. These things really do happen. For people to expect perfection from PuGs is ludicrous. The tank even attempted to assume responsibility, which in the end is what I think finally shut the healer up.

So we kept going.

Later in the instance, while keeping an eye on the tank, I tossed out a bubble or two. Just as I thought, the healer didn’t appreciate it. “You don’t have to bubble!”

“Ok, np. I thought that’s what you wanted, I’ll leave you to it.”

Somewhere between the penultimate boss and the last boss the healer accidentally body pulled some extra mobs. I noticed it in time to start healing and save the pull. Instead of saying “oops” or “sorry” or just plain nothing the healer starts to talk trash to me again. Knowing there was no way to win with this obviously stressed out guy, I told him “There is really no reason to talk to me like that. I’ve done nothing but be nice to you, despite your bad attitude.”

More verbal abuse.

A “Vote to Kick” fails.

We move on to the last boss.

Only this time, I’m in my Holy spec. I’m healing and dispelling away. I did 80% of all the healing done compared to the other Priest’s 7% (Death Knight tank’s self heals, Ret Paladin judging light) healing done. He didn’t even notice. He left the group, but not before saying that I was the worst Priest he’d ever played with, yadda yadda something about me being a noob.

What could I have done differently? Can I prevent this in the future.

Yeah yeah, but I really wanna play as Shadow spec.

What would you have done?


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  1. Man ty lol nive pic :P and ya i want to ask … What i need for my paladin isit spellpower or its intelect ?? and thank you so mutch

    • Most Paladin healers will tell you to stack straight intellect. That’s definitely one way of doing it. I usually fill all of my socket bonuses by getting spellpower/intellect for red, intellect for yellow, and spellpower/mp5 for blue.

      Thanks for reading!

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