Holy Paladin Lessons: Addons

After receiving a great response to my initial video Holy Paladin Lessons Part 1 I decided to get to work making a video detailing my addons,  as requested. So here it is.


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  1. hey how did you get your target and character frame to show those buffs big like that and have that animation is that xperl or what addons did you use to make that

    • I think I know what you’re referring to. Xperl allows me to place buff above the target, and there is a “big buffs” box you can usually check as well.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Iam just wondering What the dark stuff under your bartender is named. I will be Glad if i got answear

    • It’s either CBH Viewport or Sunnart. They both allow you to place a background on your screen. Some of them have some nice looking patterns as well.

  3. Hey! I needed to know if you could identify this addon in this video.

    its the addon were he pulls up the circle of spells to use?

  4. Steve Holy paladin fanataic

    I was wondering if you would be making any pvp holy paladin videos and if not could you offer me any quick holypaladin pvp tips PS love your videos

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