Why joining a PUG raid is like going to the ghetto

Dave Chappelle has an excellent stand up video called “Killin’ Them Softly“. In the video he has a bit about being taken to the ghetto without his prior knowledge. I have posted an excerpt below.

After seeing some morons complain in the trade channel about the typical “YOU NINJA’D GEAR DONT STEAL SHIT THEN GO AND LIE ABOUT ME” and advising the player who seemingly had gear “ninja’d” that he should not join PUG raids, I realized how very few people understand how strange an idea it is to expect a PUG raid to be fair and awesome. Sure, there are some groups out there formed of random people that work out well. There are also some 70% guild 30% PUG raids that work out just fine. But to expect fairness is simply ludicrous.

For the same reason that Chappelle’s apprehension about going to the ghetto makes sense in his joke, so should apprehension about joining a PUG raid make sense to us.

Chappelle makes the statement that “everybody should go to the ghetto”. With regard to my analogy (PUG = ghetto) I fully agree. Players should get a taste of what it’s like to do it the hard way. Makes a person appreciate a well taken care of group. Now, to be fair, some people don’t have the means to “rise above” so to speak. We can’t all get into raiding guilds. The good ones are exclusive, and the ones with open-door policies aren’t usually many steps up from PUGging. Even if you can’t avoid PUGs, you should make sure you have a realistic idea of what to expect. Joining a few PUG raids should give you an idea.

Luckily for us, we can avoid being “taken when you’re not expecting to go” for the most part. We know when we’re going to PUG. We can think to ourselves “I’m gonna see some wild shit, I gotta prepare myself I’m gonna see something crazy.” Things like hunters pulling for the tanks. Healers with 71 points in one tree. DPS in the triple digits. Tanks that aren’t defense capped.  Sadly, even though you’re expecting to see crazy things, there isn’t much you can to to fix them.When you are going to go to the ghetto it’s usually because you don’t have any other option, and you have to accept what you can get until you have control over your situation.

Just like Chappelle was able to visually identify his surroundings as the ghetto as he passed “gun store, gun store, liquor store, gun store” we can also inspect (and sometimes see) gear that is below the expected norm for a dungeon. What’s odd about it is unlike the joke, we tend to do things in response that don’t make sense. Calling players out on their strange gear/spec/style is hardly helpful. At one point in the joke Chappelle sees a baby standing on the corner and tries to reason with it “hey baby, baby go home, man”. The baby responds negatively, and carries on with his business. Do we really expect PUG players to do any differently?

My personal favorite part of this bit is when the limo driver receives a phone call from an associate. There is some screaming, some arguing, and by the end of it Chappelle is no longer on track to do what he came to do. Sound familiar? In many PUG raids, especially those put on by smaller guilds (no offense, hell my guild is a smaller guild) or small groups of buddies, there is often drama over various things, but mostly loot. And just like the limo driver, the PUG raid leader will steer the group into a direction (towards the ghetto) that you didn’t want to go and put the concerns of themselves and their buddies ahead of what is fair/right. Chappelle had his time “ninja’d” the same way your weapon upgrade might be.

The reason that PUG raids are allowed to function so poorly is that there is no accountability. In a real guild run, you do something bad, and you’ll get kicked. If you’re the leader and you’re unfair, you’ll lose members. In a PUG, it’s wham-bam-those are my Relentless bracers. Sure sometimes you can jump on trade and screw a guy’s reputation over, but this is very rare (at least on Drenden) and PUG leaders and their beneficiaries go about they gaming with no repercussions.

In summation, don’t join a PUG and then cause a scene over it. If you do, maybe you belong in the PUG LYF afterall.



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