Please re-box “Unboxing” vids

First, let’s have this smart (see qualifications of people that wear glasses) kid explain just wtf an “unboxing” video is.

As you can see, this kid likes unboxing soooo much, that he even unboxed his explanation. That is, without even first organizing his information about unboxing, he unboxed his mouth and let the info just fall out.

Before you jump the gun and peg me as racist against unboxing (oops, I unboxed my adjective when I used the word “racist”) let me tell you that I think unboxings can be useful. The only problem is, that just like reality TV shows, they are often fluffed up promotions of idiocy rather than educational.

Take the following video for instance. After you watch it can you tell me how this unboxing video is different from any other that you can find?

The only difference between this unboxing video and virtually every other, is that … hmm… wait… oh there I go unboxing my thoughts again. Give me a moment to organize the information that I’m attempting to relay. Watch this video in the meantime. I promise I’ll be ready when your’e done.

The video above shows you that there can be some merit to an unboxing video. I will mention that ironically it was this video blogger that first broke my camel’s back with regard to being able to stomach unboxing videos. As a teacher I can tell you there there really are some people out there that learn better by seeing things. So even if they were sitting in front of a website with all of this information listed they still would not be able to retain, or in some cases, intake this information.

Unless you are concerned with how eco-friendly the packaging is (/gag) most if not all unboxing vids can have all of their information condensed and organized in a concise manner. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and ask Senior Editor Bonnie Cha at Cnet what she thinks of the Blackberry Storm 2.

Whoa! Did you catch that too? At about 0:32 into the video she proves that she put some thought into this video before she talked as she claims “There a couple of issues that worry me which I’ll talk about later.” Later. As in not informing you about something that she knows NOTHING about yet. It’s not like people that unbox things have to report on them like they’re live on the scene.

I truly enjoy how she unboxes hurricane Dolly. As with most unboxing vids the majority of the information is vague and somewhat blurry.

Now serious video bloggers do run the risk of looking like liars. That is to say, if we don’t have video evidence of them opening the box, how can we know for sure if it really is their first look at an item? Imagine a world where your favorite video blogger’s integrity is suddenly shattered as they admit “alright, so I spared you the opening of the box and got right down to showing you what’s inside.” ZOMG he might have put anything in there! Here’s an unboxing video that I’m quite glad exists. I mean, I almost bought this item myself.

Yikes! A dead bug. Good thing I watched someone else open this.

The reality is that they could just as easily start with the box. Then high speed motion to the point where they are pulling out the stuff. Show each item, without reading everything printed on the included parts, and then cut to a point in time where they can show you the items and give you information about the product. In this way, they’d be helping you make an informed decision while at the same time performing the apparently popular “unboxing” of an item.



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