The Peeve With PVP

Before playing WoW I was on a serious shooter kick. Halo, Counter Strike, Gunz (a somewhat lesser known free shooter, D-style ftw!), and a few nonsensical Wii attempts at shooters. In WoW I took my love of competing against real players with me. The problem these days tends to be in trying to farm honor you end up waiting sitting around for long periods of time accomplishing very little.  With the currently high waiting times for battle grounds, at least on Drenden, I put myself to the test and asked myself “so what do you propose blizzard should do about it?”

I pondered the idea of creating more PVP zones on the Northrend map. The problem with this is that without some type of reward for holding the zone players will likely not show up to provide you with targets to earn honor from. There is some promise in creating another zone like Wintergrasp. Maybe owning one could weaken your defenses at the other? Ultimately to me this creates more PVP grief than it solves.

What about applying a “Tenacity” type buff to battlegrounds? So instead of waiting for the group to be absolutely full you can give a 66% full group a tenacity buff that lowers as the group fills up. This might lower the waiting times somewhat. At least 33% (or so I have been assured) faster queue times. Many battlegroups would still likely encounter long waiting times overall.

My favorite solution is to have battledungeons. A “battledungeon” would be any of the existing dungeons from any period of time. Players start at opposite sides or in random parts of the dungeon. Maybe leave some of the bosses in and get extra points for killing them before the other team. You can have some of the classic shooter modes like free for all, keep away, or first team to X amount of kills.

This would help in two ways; it would generate increased interest in PVP, and you could choose to play 5v5 or 10v10 etc etc. Both of these effect the waiting times in a positive manner. The increased interest means teams fill up faster. The choice in team sizes means you can grab a few buddies and queue your “premade” and just get started. Additionaly, these battles would not need to be faction vs. faction, but could work more like arena.

I know this is a highly unrealistic scenario, but maybe someday we’ll be able to manipulate WoW and create these kinds of custom games. A guy can dream.


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