Common Courtesy

There are many customs  found in the World that are often thought of as “common” with regard to being “courteous.” I find in video games, these courtesies are generally neglected.

Imagine for a moment, a world where the concerns of others are never an issue.

You get in a cab and say “1st and Main”. The cab driver then proceeds to drive as fast as possible (maybe not unusual) ignoring the fact that you’ve thrown up, another passenger is pregnant, and the guy in the front seat is calling his wife to say “I love you honey, tell the kids daddy loves them!”

In another scenario, a group of people walk into the supermarket and start shouting about how great they are at the top of their voices, thus creating an atmosphere where no commerce can take place. No police ever show up, despite numerous reports of “Some People Acting Moronically” at the Wal-Mart.

My personal favorite. You’re looking for employment. The job listing reads “Looking for more substitute teachers. We’re not interested in reading your resume, must show one sentence proving you’ve already done the exact job you’re applying for.”

IRL this isn’t likely to happen. In World of Warcraft it is a daily occurrence. Tanks that think that just because they are geared/skilled that EVERYONE must move at their tempo. People holding absolute nonsensical and often intentionally disruptive conversations in the trade channel. PUGs being rude to players that are volunteering to help THEM complete a dungeon.

My guess: the difference between the consequences of these actions differs greatly.

The cab driver’s license is suspended, while the tank is allowed to keep pressuring random groups.

The crowd at Wal-Mart causing a disturbance is escorted to jail for the night, while the trade channel spammers receive not even a reprimand.

The employer struggles to find substitutes that can do their job, and the PUG … well I guess in this case they often end up getting their comeuppance. It still doesn’t make their behavior acceptable.

Now you’re surely asking “ok smart guy, so wtf do we do about it?”

The same thing you would IRL: force them to conform. Society is stable only as long as the people that make the society conform to the precepts.

Stand still while the tank runs off and kills himself. Explain that you’re sorry they died, but you were getting mana back. If they value their life they should slow it down a tad.

“Report Spam” EVERYONE that says nonsense in trade (because ignore lists fill up fast) and see how long they are able to communicate.

As for the PUGs, really, don’t join a PUG raid requiring proof of completion. If they had any skill, they’d also have a guild or friends to fill the positions. You never see any of the really good guilds PUGging, or even asking for more for their non-serious raids. They simply don’t need to, and neither should you if you are going to be raiding.



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